Midnight - 13.2hh - 8 years old - Black Mare



Midnight is a very beautiful girl who really enjoys her work. She loves the attention of all the riders and volunteers that come to see her.

Before coming to Follifoot around two years ago, Midnight had been a child's pony, mostly used for showjumping, which is her favourite ever thing to do! She can jump very big for her size.

She is a very popular pony around the yard due to her brilliant personality (one of the helpers taught her to say please before getting her carrots) and fab easy going ride. 

Brownie - 12.1hh - 11 years old - bay mare



Brownie is a firm favourite at Follifoot. Her sweet, laid back nature makes her loved by all. She is brilliant to teach the tiny children on as she takes her time and is very gentle with them. 

Before arriving at Follifoot around 6 years ago, Brownie was working in a different riding school who were sad to see her go when they closed their doors and sold all the ponies. When we asked a child why Brownie was her favourite pony she said, “Because she lets me give her kisses and she kisses me back!” 

Hercules - 12HH - 18 Years old - Palomino Gelding



Hercules is a fantastic, loving pony who just loves cuddles and fuss. He loves all types of work from DRG, hacks and even jumping lessons.

Before Hercules came to Follifoot in 2003 he was a beach pony, (a very fitting career for this beautiful boy) which he loved. But when all the ponies got sold off at the end of the summer season, Hercules landed on all four hooves as he was purchased by Julie for the riding school - lucky Hercules!  


Elmo – our mascot


Elmo came to Follifoot several years ago as a rescue pony. He was found wandering in the streets with nobody to love him.  When he arrived at the yard it was obvious that he was special so the Pedley family built him his very own house next to the entrance to the yard.

He is a very cheeky character and is loved by everyone and has become the mascot for the disabled riders group and helps to fundraise.  He loves to be the centre of attention and has learnt to pull a very little carriage. He has certainly fallen on all four hoofs at Follifoot and loves his life there.

PUZZLE - 13.2hh – 23 years old – dun mare


Puzzle has been at Follifoot since she was a young foal.  She came from a Traveller family after her mother died in an accident.  She is a very lovely, pretty girl and a popular pony.  She is excellent in every way and is the best.

KIZMET - 14hh – 19 years old – skewbald mare


Everyone said that she was destined for a showing career but she had other ideas – she wanted to be a Disabled Riders Group pony.  She is so laid back that she can be ridden by a 4 year old child but she can also do a show jumping course with an experienced rider.

JOKER - 15hh – 11 years old – skewbald gelding


Joker has very pretty blue eyes and is a sweet, very popular boy.  He is famous because he has done the Great Yorkshire Show showing classes.  He can turn his hoof to everything: from dressage to cross country and from show jumping to disabled riders work.

SMITHY - 16.2hh – 11 years old – dark bay gelding


Smithy is a gentle giant and a very laid back chap.  He came to Follifoot when he was 6 years old and loves going out for a hack.  He is so well behaved that he can fit 6 small children on him together, bareback.  He is used for disabled riders who are slightly heavier.