Meet the team

les-evansLeslie Evans – Chairman

Les has been with the group since 2000 and is our expert horse person and trainer of young riders.  Les works with riders with disabilities and they may improve enough to join a lesson organised by the stables.  He is also a competent carriage driver who has designed our carriages to be suitable for disabled people in wheelchairs.  Les is knowledgeable in the legalities of running a Charity and advises on matters such as insurance and the Charity Commission.

peter-whatleyPeter Whatley - Trustee

Peter joined the group in 1991 so is the longest serving member of the executive committee and has a wealth of experience of the Charity.  He has seen many changes over the years and is now responsible for anything technical.  So if the hoist doesn’t work - call Peter, or if STAN the mechanical horse breaks – call Peter. Peter also ensures that all the tack is working and advises on any new tack that we need.  Peter is also a qualified ride leader so is called if there is a problem on a ride.



Sara GraySara joined the group in 2009 and joined the Trustees in 2015.  She has had a lot of fun helping disabled people and being around horses again. Many years ago she was a young girl with pigtails and an overweight pony – almost Thelwell but not quite.  When asked to be a Trustee Sara accepted readily because she wanted to be more involved in the group.  Sara’s working life was as a forensic scientist, which she thought were maybe not transferable skills.  However although we don’t need her to investigate and analyse crimes she comes with experience of public speaking (guess who is doing the talks to the WI in future), training and health and safety responsibilities.


sue-oxleySue Oxley - Trustee

Sue joined the group in 2007 with the intention of helping with one ride as a volunteer.  It didn’t take long before her potential was recognised and she was also running the two Tuesday evening rides.  When she retired from teaching she joined the executive committee and also became responsible for Health and Safety, a mammoth task.  Sue also set up an Ebay account so that we could sell any unwanted donations that we receive and it has proved very successful and helped to add to our funds to run the Charity.

Morag BennettMorag bennett– Trustee

Morag joined FPDRG in 2008 when she moved to the area and was looking to do some volunteering. She’s always had a love of horses and had seen the benefits of disabled riding through a family member so this was the perfect match.  Morag trained up as a ride leader and now looks after  3 rides a week and  runs the facebook page for us.   As a new trustee with a background in financial sales and  training,  she will look after the management of the website and help with  training for the charity.

lyne-cowburnLyn Cowburn - Trustee

Lyn joined the group in 2011 to volunteer on one of the children’s rides but was soon persuaded to help with STAN, the mechanical horse and now spends most of Wednesday at the stables.  Lyn joined the Trustees in 2013 so is one of the newer members, but her knowledge of software made her a prime candidate to manage one of the databases.  Lyn is now responsible for the riders’ database so organises the new riders for the rides.  She has also helped to set up the website.


 wendyWendy Thorburn – Secretary/


Wendy joined the group in 2003 helping with the Monday rides but Rosie, our founder, also gave her the task of cleaning the tack for the carriage driving ponies.  After Rosie passed away Wendy moved into the office to help with the paperwork because she understood the software used on the computer.  The job escalated and Wendy is now responsible for anything that happens in the office – Emails, letters, messages, databases, insurance, investing funds, etc.  She also collects and banks the cash from the rides and when nobody is looking feeds carrots to the ponies.