Opening the new Cooperative Store

We have been invited to open the new Cooperative store in Ainsty Road in Wetherby on Friday April 7 th at 10.00 am.

We are one of their chosen Charities for their fund raising thanks to Claire Emblin one of our riders who works there. 

Sue Oxley will be cutting the ribbon and we will be there with our promotional boards to let everyone know about or Charity.

If you live in Wetherby why not pop along and support us and wear your FPDRG tee shirt or hoodie?

Gymkhana 2017

Entry forms for riders and volunteer helpers’ forms will be available in Stouse after Easter.

The gymkhana will start at 9.30 and everybody is welcome because an audience to cheer on the riders is always appreciated.

We hope for a nice sunny day because we often have rain but everyone still manages to enjoy themselves - it is the UK after all! 

Tockwith Show Sunday August 6th

Follifoot Park Disabled Riders Group has been invited to have a stand at the Tockwith Show. We will be promoting our Charity and showing the visitors what we do and who we help. We are one of two Charities who will receive a donation from the proceeds of the show. Later in the year we will be looking for volunteers to help with the stand so watch this space! 

Term Dates 2017

Term Dates 2017

Riding starts on Sunday 8th January.

Half term is from Saturday 18th February until Saturday 25th February

Easter holidays are from Sunday 9th April and we return on Sunday 23rd April 


Mickley Picnic 2016

Well the weather can't always be on our side as the heavy rain at this year's picnic demonstrated, but we can't always count on the unwavering hospitalilty of our patrons and picnic hosts, Michael and Amanda Abrahams.

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Sue's adventures in new hats

There's nothing like a change in hat regulation to keep riding-reliant charities such as ourselves on their toes!

Fortunately, our dedicated trustee and ride leader Sue Oxley was not going to rest until she'd tracked down the right hats, in the right size., however confusing those sizings were. Here she describes the challenges she faced in the suprsingly complex world of riding hats. Do your best  to keep up! 

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New notice board

Our notice board, situated on the outside wall of the office, was looking a little weary.  To put a new notice on we had to balance the doors on our head, so Karl our joiner made some new doors with shatter proof glass which we can now open with ease.  One of our volunteers, Sarah Randon, offered to design and make a new background for the notices which she donated to the Charity.

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Completed Yorkshire Warrior Race

Morag Yorkshire Warrior 2


So my legs have finally recovered from this years Yorkshire Warrior, with the last remaining bruises slowly fading.

The weather was dry, however, don't be fooled...what nature fails to provide, the organisers will... MUD, in abundance!

This year's 10 mile course took us from the Yorkshire Showground, down through the underpass, familiar to many of you from our rides, and on to the fields beyond Follifoot. It returns through a kilometre long tunnel, hidden beneath Rudding Park and used by Winston Churchill for his train during the war.  

The camaraderie between all the participants was great, with lots of help on hand if someone needed a leg up over the 30 obstacles! The worst obstacle has to be the ice bath, just when you think you're nearly home, it's very cruel!

Thanks to everyone who so kindly donated, it proved a great incentive to train and complete the course and I'm delighted to say it raised £600 for FPDRG so it was worth the pain!

Morag Bennett





Renovated Indoor School

Julie and Chris Pedley, owners of Follifoot Park Riding centre, have updated the indoor school at the stables. It has a new roof with more skylights to let in natural daylight and newly painted white walls to brighten up the indoor space.             

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