Carriage Driving

What-we-do---Carriagr-driving--Stan-1During our tenth anniversary year we started a carriage-driving section especially for those who are confined to a wheelchair or are unable to ride a horse.

The specially-built Fenix driving carriage accommodates a wheelchair which helps disabled riders to enjoy the freedom of a different equestrian sport. Most of the drivers are in a wheelchair but there are some that are too disabled to ride a horse but they gain the same benefits by being in the carriage. As with horse riding, carriage-driving strengthens upper body, improves posture and helps to increase confidence through a sense of being in control.

Tony, our original carriage driving pony, has now retired after several years of wonderful service and after looking for a suitable replacement,  Betty has now joined the family. The new pony needed to be fairly placid and although she was a little bit lively at first,  Anne Waite has trained her and she has settled down nicely.  We carriage drive between April and October to enjoy the best weather.  Betty enjoys going out and is quite well known around the Rudding Park area.

Every year we take the carriage and Betty  to the home of our Patron, Michael Abrahams. We have a Summer picnic for volunteers and riders and they give carriage rides to the guests.